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Knowledge of financial literacy should begin early! Educate yourself using the below article to help establish healthy financial habits and begin building credit.

To educate the youth on credit management, Upgraded Points published: "Understanding Your Finances: A Guide for College Students” https://upgradedpoints.com/credit-cards/students-guide-to-credit/  

It discusses:

  • Different types of college savings accounts
  • Options for subsidizing/offsetting costs related to a college education
  • In-depth examination of various scholarships and grants
  • Why it's important to start building credit early for college financing
  • How creditworthiness is measured and how to begin building your credit

Among the statistics and facts your readers may find interesting are:

  1. The cost of a college education roughly triples over any 17-year period
  2. Up to $5,250 in tuition reimbursement, every year is tax-free for both employers and employees 
  3. Of the total students in college systems, 39% were paying their own expenses, 29% were partially paying, and 32% did not have to pay their own way at all 

Through this guide, we aim to increase financial literacy among members of the youth, from students preparing for college to fresh graduates who are beginning to build their credit seriously.