All Henry Ford Academy students are invited to participate in the Athletics Program. Participation is a privilege. Those who participate in athletics have a responsibility to favorably represent Henry Ford Academy and its partners. Student athletes are expected to conduct themselves both in and out of school in a manner appropriate to their responsibilities as representatives of the Academy.

Requirements for Participation

An Athlete must have the following fully executed documents on file at the school office before the athlete's first participation in any activity. CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE TO THE RIGHT TO REVIEW THE ATHLETIC HANDBOOK!

  1. A current physical examination report was given on or after April 15th of the prior school year.
  2. A permission slip to participate in the specific sport in which the athlete intends to participate is signed by the parent/guardian.
  3. Eligibility Requirement: Passed all classes on the most recent report card and maintain a minimum 2.00 grade point average each semester. 

To ensure a quality sports program, student athletes will be exposed to participate in fundraisers as well as pay athletic sports fees. This fee subsidizes transportation costs for 'away' games and other necessary expenses. The fee must be paid prior to the final game. 

It is mandatory that athletes ride the team bus to all away games. An athlete may ride home with the parent providing the parent notifies the coach in writing.

Fee Structure:

  • 1st sport: $150
  • 2nd sport: $100
  • 3rd sport: $75

Sports Medicine Resource for Parents: Sports and concussions go hand and hand. We can try our best to mitigate them during activities, but they are still bound to happen. It is an important topic for parents and kids as concussions can have long-term effects for athletes. That's why we wanted to make an all-in-one guide about what to know about concussions, what the next steps are for sufferers, risk by sport, and how we can do our best to prevent them. Check it out:

Sports and Concussions -

Athletics Schedules

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