Are you struggling with homework? Need to bring up your grade in a class? Don't understand an assignment? Want help studying for an upcoming test? Come to Homework Lab! Homework Lab is an after school opportunities for you to get one on one help from a teacher. 

Homework Lab is offered:

  • In-Person Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 4-5 PM in Felton/Burtons classrooms of the Museum campus

Questions? Email

The State of Michigan also houses resources at

W3 Schools - HTML and CSS help

Codeacademy - Learn to code for free

KhanAcademy - Computer science videos


General Resources

Quizlet - Señora Baldwin will give you vocabulary lists, but you can also make your own cards and folders for any class! This is also a phone app and a great way to practice.

Duolingo - A great way to work on your own and expand your vocabulary. 

Have another great resource to share? Let us know!

Spanish Resources - Study Spanish with this free online tutorial with audio, notes, grammar practice, vocabulary activities, verbs drills, and practice quizzes with immediate feedback. Each topic learned in class can be reinforced by it's own lesson of the same name on this site. 

Patrick JMT - Math Tutorials

KHAN Academy

Henry Ford Academy runs free Saturday SAT Prep sessions for Juniors prior to testing in the spring.

In 9th and 10th grade all students take the PSAT test to prepare for the SAT test in 11th grade.

During 11th grade Juniors take the Strategies in Math and ELA course. 

The following resources are available for students who are looking for more SAT and ACT practice resources:

Standardized Test Practice and Information

Michigan’s State Assessment System: What it is, What it Means – And What it Offers This one-page handout provides an overview of Michigan’s state assessment system and the upcoming Spring 2018 testing schedule. 

Student Testing: What Parents Can Do to Help Students Prepare This NEW resource helps put state assessment into perspective and provides practical tips on how families can ease students’ anxieties and foster success.