HFA Dance Collective

HFA Dance Collective

The HFA Dance Team (formerly HFA Dance Collective) began on September 26, 2012. Our dancers work hard and are lead by Mrs. Clemons, who is the founder and artistic director of Universal Flair Dance Theatre, a former BFA dance major at Marygrove College and student of Taynton School of Ballet. 

The HFA Dance Team usually performs at least four times a year. Each year, the season begins with the Heritage Dance Festival, which is held at the same time as the Heritage Food Festival followed by other performances and competition during the course of the school year. The Heritage Dance Festival is meant to be a performance to celebrate the heritage of the students that attend our school. 

The body and mind work together in dance. Dancers are artistic athletes, the body a paintbrush and the stage a blank canvas on which to create. However, to create freely the body must be in physical shape to execute the endless shapes, lifts, and movements with technique and controlled poise. Initially, they had a difficult time establishing themselves on campus. However, they wanted to entertain and to compete. Today, they're a study body favorite.

Auditions for the HFA Dance Team are held during the first week of October if you are interested in becoming a member. For more information contact: Mrs. Clemons at (313) 982-6200 x2903.



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