Museum Counseling Information (9th Grade)

Ms. Redwine is the counselor in the Museum Campus for students in the 9th grade. Her focus, as their support person, is to help students transition successfully from 8th grade to high school. 

Ms. Redwine provides support in the following areas:

     Academic                       Social                       Emotional


Character education themes and discussions with The Link Crew. (Junior/Senior mentors)

Education Development Plan (EDP) - introduces career pathways and interest inventories for post high school planning


is a goal for all HFA students. College acceptance is a graduation requirement for Henry Ford Academy students. 

Getting off to a good start academically is very important and is stressed by all staff members. Striving for a strong GPA is vital and will allow students more college choices in the future.

Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities by getting involved with groups, clubs or teams they are interested in. This encourages students to not only have fun, but to meet others who share their interests and to become a well-rounded student. Skills and interests should be discussed with the guidance counselor through an individual appointment or during the EDP process. 

Finally, all freshmen will have the opportunity to visit a four-year college located in Michigan. 


Ms. Redwine's day is divided between counseling and delivering services to our special education students. If you need to meet with Ms. Redwine during the day, please follow the guidelines below:

STUDENTS - Students may drop by in-between classes or students may report to class and get their teacher's permission to see Ms. Redwine during class time.

By phone -  call 313.982.6197

By email -

To schedule an appointment with me: TBD

Village Counseling Information (10th, 11th, & 12th Grade)

Shawn Gatling is the counselor in the Village Campus for the students in grades 10th, 11th, & 12th. In addition to scheduling classes, coordinating standardized testing dates and conflict resolution, she assists all students with college preparation, college visits and the college application process.  



By email - 

By phone - call 313.982.6194.

In person - sign up on the clipboard by the Village Counseling Office

If you have an emergency situation (sick, conflict, personal issues, etc.) please come to the Village office to see Ms. Gatling. If she is not available, please see Ms. Morrison or Mr. Haney for assistance.