Christian Overland

Brent Ott

Board Chairperson & President
First Appointed: 2017/2018 School Year
Occupation: Vice President, Business Services and Chief Financial Officer at Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

Picture of Brent OttBrent Ott is responsible for evaluating The Henry Ford’s financial performance, participating in the long- and short-range planning process, designing and implementing mechanisms to manage the budget development cycle and advising the President, Senior Management Team and Board of Trustees in terms of budget development. He maintains a strong vision and common agenda for the core business of the organization, working closely with The Henry Ford’s President and Executive Vice President on long-term strategic planning while managing human resources and all relationships with lending institutions and investment managers. Ott started his career with The Henry Ford in 2000 and began working in the finance department in 2005 as financial analyst for the institution



Todd Nissen

First Appointed:
Occupation: Director, Communications at Ford Motor Company Fund

Picture of Todd Nissen






Dr. Sarena Shivers

Board Secretary
First Appointed: 2017/2018 School Year
Occupation: Superintendent, Redford Union Schools


Michael Schmidt

Board Treasurer
First Appointed:
Occupation: Director, Education & Community Development at Ford Motor Company Fund



Spence Medford

Board Member
First Appointed:
Occupation: Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

Picture of Spence Medford

Spence Medford is responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive fundraising program for the advancement of the institution, and building an active culture of philanthropy at The Henry Ford. Specifically, he works to increase annual funding and lead the growth of the institution’s donor base of private and public support. In addition, Medford plays a collaborative role on the Executive Team in guiding and leading the organization and contributing sound counsel on strategic, operational and organizational leadership issues. Previously, he served as Vice President and Executive Director of Swedish Covenant Hospital (SCH) Foundation in Chicago.



Dwayne Price

Parent Representative
First Appointed: 2015/2016 School Year